Money Back Guarantee Details

The money back guarantee applies to the Axon Academy Self Study and Guided Learning plans, and is subject to the following terms and conditions.


1. Pre-Qualification

To qualify for the money back guarantee program, you are required to provide Axon Interactive LLC ("Axon Academy", “we”, “our” or “us”) the student’s transcript showing the student’s math grade for the previous year along with the type of money back guarantee you are seeking (Better Grade Guarantee or Better Placement Guarantee).   Based on our review of the transcript and your requirement, we will provide a confirmation about your enrollment in our money back guarantee program (“Confirmation”).  The subscription plan fees you pay from this point onward for the course(s) mentioned in the Confirmation will be eligible for the money back guarantee, including the fees paid for the current month.  Any fees paid prior to the current month will not be covered by the money back guarantee program.


2. Requisites

All of the following conditions need to be met to request your money back.

(a) You have fully completed the courses mentioned in your money back guarantee confirmation as provided in Section (3) below.

(b) For the Better Grade Guarantee, you have provided your transcript to us showing no improvement in grade from the transcript for the previous year, within one month of receipt of the transcript.

(c) For the Better Placement Guarantee, you have provided proof that the student has not qualified for better placement, within one month of receiving such information.


3. Course Completion

A course will be deemed to be complete when all the associated videos, exercises and tests have been completed.  In the case of the Guided Learning plan, the student will also have followed all the instructions and guidance provided by the tutor.


4. Exclusions

Any Homework Help questions and/or Livehelp Minutes purchased with or without a Self Study or Guided Learning plan will not be eligible for the money back guarantee, and as such, payments made for those services will not be refunded.


5. Refunds

Refunds are calculated as follows.  Your total amount spent on the courses mentioned in and from the point of Confirmation (including the amount spent on those courses in that month) to the point of submission of verifiable proof that the guaranteed results were not achieved will first be calculated.  This amount will first be reduced by an 8% administrative charge and then be reduced by the amount of any gift cards issued to the student as part of the points program, and this final calculated amount will be the total amount of the refund.  It may take up to 8 weeks to process your refund.


6. Entire Agreement

These money back guarantee terms and conditions govern all aspect the money back guarantee program.  It supersedes any prior money back agreements between you and Axon Academy.